So What is a Water Rowing Machine?

A water rower is an indoor rowing machine where the resistance provided by water as opposed to air or magnetic resistance which is what most commonly used and this type of rower was designed by ex-US national team rower John Duke in the mid 1980’s.  John’s company still produce these…

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The Most Common Myths In Baby Growth

Myths In Baby Growth

Many of yesterday’s tips and tricks in baby growth have recently become nothing but pure myths. Modern parents are more educated than ever, so they no longer rely on those classic misconceptions. You have probably heard plenty of ideas, whether it comes to bathing your baby everyday, playing the right…

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How To Stay Safe When Using Fireworks

Many people have no idea that fireworks have been around for about 2,000 years. They were first used in ancient China and are still part of Chinese traditions. Today, they are used at birthdays, weddings and in special ceremonies to ward off evil spirits. The fireworks industry is now huge…

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