12 Absurd Handy Curling Iron Hacks

Changing your hair is a great way to add some spice and pizzazz into your life and start to feel a little different. One of the easiest ways to do that is by using a curling iron. Even the most experienced curling iron user can make better use of these 12 absurd handy curling iron tricks.

1) Different Sizes, Different Curls

The size of the barrel makes a big difference when it comes to the size of the curls. A bigger wand makes bigger curls while a smaller wand makes smaller curls. You can also curl your hair closer to the tip or the ends of the barrel for more varation in style. That’s Foxy has some great reviews of the best curling irons.

2) Remove the Clip to Create a Curling Wand

Curling wands create different size and shape curls than your curling iron, but if you are a little handy you can easily adapt your curler into a wand. All you have to do is get a screwdriver and carefully unscrew the clip. Then, when you are done, just screw the clip back on.

3) Waves Can Be Easy

If you are looking to create great waves rather than tight curls, it’s easy. All you have to do is put your hair in a ponytail before curling it. Then, when you let your hair down, you will have nice beautiful waves.

4) An Easy Way to a Better Hold

If you have a hard time keeping a curl, try starting closer to the roots. This allows the heat to set in better and longer, leaving you with a fuller curl that lasts longer.

5) Curl Away

You can get a more natural, casual look to your curls when you remember to hold the curling iron or wand away from your face when you are curling. This means curling your hair in a clockwise direction on the right, and counterclockwise on the left.

6) Pay Attention to the Heat

Set the heat lower than 200 F for fine or thin hair and between 200 – 300 F for thick or coarse hair, otherwise you will risk ending up with burnt hair.

7) Tight or Loose Curls

The way you hold the curler makes a difference in how the curls look, too. Hold your curling iron vertically for looser curls, and horizontally for bouncier, tighter curls.

8) Cleaning Your Iron

Product builds up quickly, but it can be easy to clean. Just heat it up a little and run a damp cloth along the iron.

9) Divide Your Hair

If you are having a hard time curling your hair, you might be curling too much at once. Using clips to separate your hair, like a hairdresser, curl it one small section at a time. Smaller sections can also help you create tighter curls.

10) Keep Your Curling Iron Safe

Use a pot holder or cooling bag to help protect your cooling iron and keep you from getting injured after you are done using it. A cooling bag is also a great way to carry your curling iron or other hot tools while you are traveling. Never run it under cold water as this could damage the springs.

11) Dry Your Hair

Make sure that you dry you hair first to avoid frizz. Curling wet hair by directly applying heat will also cause the ends to break off and become brittle. Air drying will help create a more natural look. If you use a blow dryer it will create more volume. . If you want sleek curls, you can also run a straightener through your hair on low heat.

12) Clip Your Curls

If you want bouncy curls, another great technique is to clip the curls to your head, right after they come off the curling iron with a bobby pin. Once you are done curling your whole head, spray them with a little hair spray. This will help give them a little extra bounce.

If you start to follow these tips you can have great curls that will last and can be come a curling iron expert.

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