5 Tools & Things to Relieve Back Pain

Most people that deal with back pain do so for the larger parts of their life as it can easily evolve into a chronic version that simply doesn’t go away. Thankfully there are a lot of things that you can do to lessen the pain or make it disappear completely for hours so we are going to discuss some effective ways to align your spine as that’s the core of all pains when it concerns your back that is of course.

TENS Units – Controversial but Effective

TENS is a mouthful and instead of giving you the official explanation we’re doing it a little different here. It’s an electronic device that comes with pads that you attach to the area where it hurts most, whether that be your back, neck, legs or any other place. It works by sending electric impulses to that body part and that way it relaxes your muscles, some even have options built-in to massage your muscles through something called EMS. The opinions are rather divided about how effective it is, some say it’s just a tingling sensation, others say it fools your brain into thinking the pain is gone. Well if it does that and it succeeds at it and you feel less pain then that’s great as that’s our goal. For the best TENS units, I suggest you visit this URL as they review a whole bunch of them:¬†https://freeyourspine.info/best-tens-units/.

Therapeutic Gel Foam Mattresses

The number one benefit of these mattresses is that it shapes around your body so that your spinal cord is in the correct horizontal position, that means that if you wake up your pain is probably less. Although it’s not a cure for all it definitely reduces your pain and at least it won’t make it any worse so that on itself is worth the investment if you ask me.

Inversion Tables – Using Gravity to Relieve Pain

If you’ve never looked into inversion tables before I highly suggest you start doing some searching in Google to find out how it works exactly. In short, it’s a machine that you attach yourself to and then it rotates you 180 degrees so that your legs are in the air and your head down. Don’t do this for too long as with all the blood flowing to your head some people complained it resulted in headaches, and I can’t recommend this if you have an upset stomach either so watch what you eat before tumbling yourself.

Yoga to the Rescue

We all know the importance of exercise and same like an inversion table kind of stretches your body to create more space between your spinal discs yoga can accomplish the same thing if you use the right type of training. You can find plenty of examples on the internet or you can go to a yoga professional to assist you as it isn’t easy at first and you might need some help. If you do it the wrong way you might injure yourself and that’s definitely not what we want to accomplish here.

Medication – The Last Resort

If nothing else helps I still recommend you keep doing it as the effects aren’t always immediately visible but on the long-term, I guarantee you that will you see the benefits you’re looking for. For the short term you can take medication, simply visit your doctor and ask for prescription pills as aspirin or some paracetamol, or even ibuprofen won’t do you much good, besides developing stomach ulcers if you take it on a daily base. A much stronger painkiller is Tramadol and a very effective one at that so that you don’t have to eat a dozen a day, the side effects are also very minor but it’s not an over the counter solution.

In Conclusion

You’re in pain and we feel for you so hopefully, this post was of good help to show you that there’s more than one way that leads to Rome and hopefully your pain will be a lot less when you start to combine these methods.

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