The best size for Large Aquariums

Pet owners understand the importance of having a safe and comfortable haven for their pets. If you have developed interest in keeping fish pets, then it is important that you get a big fish tank that boasts of great features.

Fish tanks are not just for the fish, they are most of the times designed to add to the aesthetic value of the environment that they are being set.

A Large Aquarium in the home is one way to engage the kids and also make them appreciate nature and pets.

So what is the best size for a Large aquarium? There are a lot of these fish thanks that can be purchased off the market with varying sizes and varied success with each tank size.

Before you jet out to buy your aquarium, you must first consider the available space in the area you want it placed. Large aquariums are from about 75 gallons and can get as big as 150 gallon or even bigger than that.

Choosing the best size may be challenging, but as we earlier mentioned your available space will be a determining factor as well as the pets that you plan to keep within the space.

This guide will assist you in buying the right aquarium size

75 Gallon Aquariums

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that your aquarium will weigh more when filled with water. So the bigger it is the sturdier the stand should be.

With than in mind, the 75 gallon will be just perfect and it can accommodate species like Pearl Danio, Diamond Tetra, Glowligt, Zebra Danio, Serpae Tetra and so many other species.

80 Gallon

Just as we have mentioned earlier that the stand is as important as the aquarium itself. It is best to get the stand first and then decide on the size of the aquarium that will fit on it. The 80 gallon though is taller than the 75 gallon tank, but they both have same footprints and it can accommodate same species of fish as the 75 gallon aquarium.

90 Gallon

The 90 gallon tank is expectedly larger than its 75 and 80 gallon counterparts and the advantage it has is that it can keep larger saltwater fish. But you need to keep in mind that the bigger the tank, the more time required to clean it.

150 gallons

With this size, have it in mind that the weight will be as much as 1500 pounds and this will take a whole lot of effort in installing as well as managing and you will be spending a whole lot of money on this as well.

And the size of the tank also gives you more opportunity to have toys and more decorations in your large aquarium.

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