Buying a Kitchen Sink

Whether you are lucky enough to be having a new kitchen installed or just buying replacement items, chances are you have bought a new sink in the past. Or you are just about to buy a new sink now. Either way, it is quite an important decision to make. Granted, you won’t be spending hours at the sink like our unlucky ancestors. However, having a sink that is not very good can make working in your kitchen quite difficult.

Before you even start looking for a sink, I suggest you do some research from the comfort of your own home. Find out what your options are before you start randomly looking at sinks. A site that can help you with your research is Pimp my Sink as they not only have reviews of great sinks but also useful guides for buying a sink. It’s really worth checking out.

Sinks come in a wide range of prices, so you should be able to find something in your budget that you love. Make a list of the features and styles you like, before you start seriously looking for a sink.


The first thing you need to decide is where you are going to put your sink. There may be only one suitable space in your kitchen, or you may be designing a new kitchen around your sink. Either way, pick the spot. Bear in mind that when you will be stood at your sink, looking out of a window is better than looking at a wall!

Now carefully measure the space for your sink. You may be measuring an existing cabinet that the sink will sit in, or measuring for a new cabinet and sink. You need front to back, side to side, and depth measurements.

You now need to think of the mounting style of your new sink. This is especially important if you are replacing an existing sink.

  • This is the most common where the rim of the sink overlaps your worktop.
  • These are fixed under a granite or solid wood worktop.
  • Flush mounted. These sit level with the worktop.
  • This is when the sink is made from the same material as the counter top so there is no visible join.
  • These need to be fixed to the wall rather than connected to the unit.


Sinks are commonly made from stainless steel but other materials are available. Just be aware that you will have more choice if going with a stainless steel sink. There are different finishes available if you don’t like the shiny look.

  • Stainless steel. Hardwearing and easy to clean. They do scratch easily. Cheaper sinks are not as robust and can be quite noisy.
  • Robust and easy to clean. Possible to chip.
  • This is a man-made material and are normally white, black or grey. They are hardwearing and easy to clean.
  • Composite quartz. These are very strong and durable.


Along with the material of your sink you need to decide on the number and style of bowls or basins.

  • This tends to be a larger and deeper sink.
  • One and a half. A half bowl is small but useful for you to wash vegetables or empty pots.


Your sink will have pre-drilled holes to position your tap. Ensure your hole and tap combination will work or buy a sink and tap package.

Consider the size of the sink when you choose the tap. Decide on the finish of your tap and the style. Do you want a mixer tap or a pullout spray mixer? You can even buy a tap where the water is automatically filtered.


You need to either have an integral drainer or a space for draining on your worktop. The style and material of your sink will generally dictate what type of drainer you have.

When you are buying a new sink it is important to remember that not only is a great sink vital to the smooth running of your kitchen, but it is a focal point in the appearance of your kitchen. You need to be able to live with it for many years to come, so buy the right sink first time.

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