Carpool Success Tips

When commuting to work daily, you develop different habits that you carry along to your carpool. For instance, when you get stuck in traffic, the most common habit is to take out your phone and make a call, read the daily or eat a meal. However, things have to change when you start carpooling because the lives of your passengers are in your hands. Let us look at the top changes you have to make.

Keep Your Car in Top Condition

While you can get away with it when your car stalls as you drive to work, things are different when carpooling. You need to make sure the car is in top condition so that you don’t let down your buddies. One of the ways to do this is to go for regular auto repair and maintenance so that the mechanic can identify and resolve any future issues before they crop up. The good news is that advances in technology, you can have your car serviced and checked in just a few hours at AutoBookie!

Don’t Give Driving Lessons

You don’t have to tell the designated driver how to negotiate corners and how to read warning signs. Just the way the other passengers trust your driving skills should be the same way you ought to trust the driver. Shouting and pointing can be an unnecessary distraction to the driver and can lead to an accident.

Keep Time

You shouldn’t keep your buddies waiting when you are part of a carpool. Wake up earlier than usual so that the driver can pick you up on time. You need to know the days that you have set aside for carpooling and stick to the schedule. If unfortunately, you can’t use the carpool on that day, make sure to communicate a day earlier so that you don’t inconvenience other passengers.

To avoid inconveniencing other workers, you need to make sure you communicate the pickup location and times. Print out this information and give a copy to each member. Make sure you have a backup plan in case the designated driver doesn’t turn up.

Know the Costs

You need to understand how much you will spend for the process. Determine the miles you have to drive each morning and understand the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Don’t forget to include the cost of fuel, tires, maintenance, insurance, etc. if you need to buy a vehicle for the purpose, go for one whose fuel economy is high so that you don’t incur extra costs on your part.

Final Thoughts

Carpooling comes with a lot of benefits to you as a commuter. You get to take turns driving each other to work, which reduces costs while minimizing pollution due to vehicle emissions. However, to make it work as you expect, you need to know your schedule and make sure the car is in top condition. Always keep time and know how much you will spend on the process. It takes effort and quick decision making to make this work.

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