The Magical World of Grinding Beans

If you’re the type of person who absolutely loves coffee, than you probably already know what it’s like to grind your own beans. Coffee can be a lifestyle to some people, so much so that they’re always looking for innovative and noteworthy feats to attempt. Making the typical cup of coffee is simple for anyone, all you have to do is heat up some water and put the powdered beans into a mug – but what about those who go the extra mile?

If you’ve never had the privilege of grinding coffee beans for yourself in the past, you should give it a shot. There are multiple ways to go about making your favorite drink, and most of the time, how it comes out is going to depend on how you go about grinding your beans. Some people prefer a fine grind, so much so that the beans themselves have reached a completely powder-like state. Some other people enjoy having chunky chips of beans in their filters, as they believe it promotes a different sort of flavor and smell.

There is a lot of traits that need to be looked at before you go about buying a coffee bean grinder, as many are used for different purposes. This leads to people thinking that if they buy the wrong coffee bean grinder, they’re going to be out a few hundred dollars.

That isn’t the case at all, as all coffee grinders are going to be able to grind up your beans; it’s just a matter of whether there are additional features to make use of (and stuff like that). Grinding the beans yourself not only allows you have a sense of accomplishment and gratitude, but the coffee itself will taste much better than usual.

Now, you’re probably wondering “what makes up the best grinders available?”. There are a lot of traits to look for in the best coffee grinders, but many of the ones that seem appealing have a lot of hidden truths.

Sometimes you’ll end up paying a decent amount of money for a grinder, only to realize that the holding chamber is way too small (or some sort of other insignificant problem). It seems like there’s always something, which is why looking at reviews is always going to be a great idea; reviews are pretty much a must when you’re looking to buy stuff online.

What Do I Need to Look For?

Well, just like everything else on the market, you’ve got to weigh your options. Don’t settle for the very first coffee grinder that you see, because that’s how you get stuck with lackluster equipment. You don’t want to cut corners here, because it’ll end up with you spending money you really didn’t want to spend!


burr-grinderThe price should be affordable, but don’t try and go too cheap! The incredibly cheap varieties on the market right now are going to deliver a negative experience (in most cases), so try and shoot for something that is at least moderately priced. You don’t have to run out and buy the most expensive coffee grinder you can find, buy you really shouldn’t be looking at the price alone. It’s simple retail rules, if it’s too good to be true, odds are it’s not true at all. I’m not exactly wealthy, so I like to find the perfect balance between both price and “bang for your buck”. My mentality is always like that, though, so you might find yourself having a tougher time than I did.


Coffee-Beans-BlendQuality is important, whether you’re talking about the beans themselves or the equipment grinding them up. It’s almost like making an investment in yourself, so buying a high-quality coffee bean grinder is going to do wonders for your morning routine. You’ll be able to have freshly grounded and brewed coffee on a daily basis – but only if your grinder allows you to do so. You could even end up wasting expensive coffee beans with a poorly put together grinder, as some of them can just completely obliterate the beans (if the settings aren’t correctly put in place).

Some other traits to look out for would be

  • Efficiencyhow quickly can it grind your coffee beans? Is it struggling to do so?
  • Looks – this isn’t a technical need, but the look of your coffee bean grinder can say a lot about the kitchen (in a sense!)
  • Time – how quickly can you have a cup of coffee ready?

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