Content Creation, Social Media Marketing and Digital Strategies

What is a “social media strategy” really? The answer to that is pretty complicated. A rise in popularity on social media looks organic whether you implemented a strategy or just got lucky. What’s easier to see are noticeable patterns in the way successful accounts run their profiles.

But, what about the “lucky” ones

There’s no denying that sometimes people and businesses get lucky on social media. They manage to create content or a product that goes “viral” and poof, instant fame. The problem with having gotten lucky is replicating your success. Having a system and steadily building a following gives you a much better shot at succeeding on social media.

Research, research and more research

Before you worry about the strategy itself you should understand all the basics of marketing and the platforms themselves. The skills future course provider in Singapore provides a lot of that information and can help you get on the right track. Once you have the basics down it’s time to do some research.

To answer the question of what your strategy should be you have to ask yourself a couple questions. “What is my target demographic”, “what’s the age group of my target demographic”, and “what angle do I want to market this product or service from” are great starts? Ask as many questions as you need to get a clear picture and then you can begin.

Creating content that people will interact with

Once you’ve thoroughly dissected what direction you’ll go in with your marketing, it’s time you created some content. Content can be anything, but chances are it’ll be in the form of blogs, images and video. Some people may go over the top and create a podcast if they’re well connected or charismatic, but we’ll keep it simple for now and start with the blog.

The blog should operate as your information hub. It “adds to the conversation.” The difference between a good blog and a great blog is that the latter teaches. People will always come back to your blog if they know they’re going to leave more informed than they came. The best part about a blog is that you can use it to follow up on engagement with the rest of your content.

Images and video operate on many of the same principles. This should go without saying but, quality is everything. A high-end camera and microphone may seem like an inconvenient expense, but it’s an investment in professionalism and content quality. If you plan on making videos your content should absolutely rock.

You’re competing with way too many other businesses to think people will give you their time if they aren’t enjoying themselves. Originality is everything. Pick a “feel” for your page and be consistent. That feel is basically your brand.

That’s the gist of it

If you know the basics you know what to research. When you research properly you can set a proper plan in motion. That proper plan will contain all the elements spun into an original and entertaining image, video or blog post. Assuming you’ve created a method to consistently employ that forumula, you have a brand strategy.

The markets and methods of advertising are always changing. Content creation and online marketing are in a constant state of flux. It’s always changing and always challenging. Hopefully, the challenge is as exciting for you as it is for your peers. If it is, you’re definitely on the right career path. Good luck and god speed out there.

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