How to Find the Best Wedding Venue

With endless possibilities, you would think that finding the perfect venue for your wedding would be a walk in the park. Well, it can be as long as you do it in the right way. The following are 7 tips for choosing and finding your ideal wedding venue.

Start early

Begin your search for a wedding venue as early as possible as many venues are booked early, with some even years beforehand. Booking your venue should be the first thing to do when planning your wedding and it is never too early to begin your search. After all, without picking your venue, you can’t print out your invitations or set your wedding date, so it’s a vital step in wedding planning.

Have an open mind

While you’re searching for a venue, do not limit your options. Have an open mind and consider as many venues as possible, as you might find that a venue you’d ordinarily have ignored is actually ideal for your big event.

Narrow down the venues to visit

Once you’ve researched numerous wedding venues online—and checked out some reviews, it’s time to trim down your list. Think about which venues would be interesting to visit or ones which you like the most and get in touch with each to schedule a visit.

Visiting venues is a crucial phase of the process because it’ll help you figure out which one you like the most. It’s certainly not something you should do based only on video or pictures. Being there in person will allow you to meet the staff, experience the ambiance, see how spacious the venue is and help you visualize how to arrange it for your reception.

Know your needs

How many people do you plan to invite? Do you need anything specific from the venue? Do any of your visitors have special needs like child-friendly facilities or wheelchair access? Do you need props, or are you going to have traditional or cultural rituals or processions?

Know precisely what you want from your wedding venue, to help you discuss these issues when you meet the wedding coordinator of the venue.

Check other brides’ reviews

It’s definitely worth checking the reviews of other brides about venues you’re considering. Reviews are an excellent way to not only find out other people’s experience with the venue but also the venue’s reliability in their services. This will allow you to whittle down your list of potential wedding venues before you take the trouble and time to visit it.

Take photos

While most wedding venues will have pictures on their site, taking beautiful photos on your own can give you a fresh perspective. This may also help you visualize where you would like to put objects like the lolly buffet, photo buffet, as well as other styling decorations you’d like to have.

You can also store these photos for reference so you can use them when organizing decorations, as well as things like furniture hire or flowers with other vendors.

Consider your budget

Setting a budget in advance can help you shortlist possible wedding venues. Alcohol and catering normally eat up a huge chunk of any wedding budget, so make sure to factor it in your sums.

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