Healthier Family

My house was chaotic.  I have a large family and there were always toys and mess everywhere.  That probably sounds bad but actually it was made up for by the fact that my house was also full of laughter and happiness.  My kids were full of energy, lively and happy and if they were happy, so was I.

Dental Check Up

One day my son complained of a toothache.  I was a bit surprised as dental and oral hygiene was something we all cared about and I always made the time to make brushing teeth fun, so my kids never minded doing it.

I took my son to the dentists and the dentist said he had a few cavities on his teeth and needed a filling.  He asked if my son drank a lot of juices and I said he did.  The dentist proceeded to tell me that they were bad for teeth because they were so full of sugar.

This shocked me a little as we were always so careful with things like that as a family and watched what we would eat and drink.

I decided to take my girls to the dentist also. The same thing occurred with their teeth, the dentist was right, we had a sugar issue.

My kids had the appropriate treatment for their teeth, so at least that was sorted.

Changing our Ways

I threw out any juices and sugar drinks that we had in the house.  The dentist told me the best way to take in enough fruit and vitamins without damaging teeth was either through the fruit and vegetables themselves or in the form of a smoothie drink.  To this end I bought a smoothie maker.  I found a great website online called:  It was a real help in making my choice.


The kids loved them.  I was quite lucky in the fact that my kids didn’t hate fruit and vegetables, they actually loved them and they came up with ideas to make new recipes and we had fun doing it.


My kids always had a lot of energy but I sometimes became tired.  I always put it down to my active lifestyle.  I had a busy job and with a home and children to look after, I didn’t have a lot of time for rest.  It turns out that a lot of my lethargy was caused by sugary drinks, having spikes in energy, then slumps.  Eating less sugar and eating more fruit, really raised my energy levels and I actually felt amazing.  I also noticed my skin was glowing.  It was making a huge difference to me.


The kids were different too.  Their energy was steady instead of peaks and troughs and when they slept, they slept better right through the night in fact. Their teachers mentioned their concentration was better at school and they were more bright and alert.  The healthier drinks and diet was certainly paying off.

Annual Check Up

We all went back to the dentist as a family and one by one, we all got a clean bill of health.  It just goes to show that some of the smallest changes can make the biggest differences.

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