How To Stay Safe When Using Fireworks

Many people have no idea that fireworks have been around for about 2,000 years. They were first used in ancient China and are still part of Chinese traditions. Today, they are used at birthdays, weddings and in special ceremonies to ward off evil spirits. The fireworks industry is now huge and produces a variety of products to suit all types of occasions. Major fireworks displays in popular international ceremonies such as the Olympics cost a fortune. However, there is a lot of concern regarding fireworks & safety measures considering the fact that they are highly flammable. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that up to 50,000 fires across the country are caused by fireworks.

Fireworks safety rules

Fire worksConsidering the danger occasioned by the use of fireworks, it is important for users to follow some basic safety rules to minimize the chances of causing a fire disaster. Every area has its own rules in regards to use of fireworks. In many areas, residents have to seek a special clearance especially if they are using a lot of fireworks. Some of the rules include:

Fireworks lighting rules

  • Children should not be allowed to handle fireworks on their own. If they are to be allowed, it must be under the direct supervision of an adult and in an open area where the fireworks do not cause immediate danger to the items around.
  • It is advisable to use a long-handed match whenever one has to light the fireworks.
  • In the event that you are lighting fireworks for an occasion, you should keep ready water nearby in case you have to put off a fire.
  • Fireworks are best lit on a flat surface away from highly combustible materials such as dry grass, dry leaves or bushes.
  • The person lighting the fireworks should have some protective gear that includes gloves and sun glasses.
  • The fireworks may never be lit under trees or next to cars.
  • In case there are windy conditions, one must avoid igniting fireworks.
  • One should never use fireworks indoors and also it is not allowed to point the fireworks towards people.
  • If there is a large fireworks display, spectators ought to be kept at a safe distance away from the ignition point.
  • When using fireworks at night, it is important to have enough light to ensure that you can see all the fuses clearly.

Purchase of fireworks

FireworksWhen purchasing fireworks, one ought to buy them from a reputable dealer. Every state has laws that govern the use of fireworks and they type of fireworks that can be used. Keeping in mind terror scares, the user is duty bound to use fireworks in a responsible manner that does not cause panic especially in crowded areas. When you set out to buy fireworks, you should read all the instructions on the use of the particular type of fireworks you intend to purchase. In addition, it is wise to purchase the fireworks close to the date of use. If you store the fireworks in the house, it poses all kinds of danger especially if you have curious kids. If you have to store them, it is best to do so in a cool and dark place.

Fireworks provide a thrill but one ought to observe fireworks safety measures.

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