Incredible Italy

I may not have been to too many places in my time on this earth but I have been to enough to know when one stands out so much so that I am inspired to write about it. There have been a few countries that have piqued my interest but none more so than Italy. During my time over there I visited four different cities and discovered that each was more different and spectacular than the last. My journey to the continent began in Rome, and I then hopped on the train over to Florence before hitting up Bologna and then finally ending up in Venice as the last stop on my Italian excursion. I loved my time in each of these cities and want to share with you why and the reasons you should visit them too!


Rome is a city which everyone knows at least a little about. It is steeped in so much history that you struggle to walk around a street corner without running into something that is a couple of thousand years old. As you may have guessed from the name, the city played host to the Romans for a couple of hundred of years and they more than left their mark here. Not only did they build the coliseum, which as a side note is still an incredibly impressive piece of architecture to this very day, but they also create much of the infrastructure on which Rome still runs today. If you travel to Rome then soaking up all of the Roman history available to you is a must. The city is also home to one rather famous resident, and he wanders around in a fancy house wearing an equally as fancy hat. I am talking about Pope Francis. As the head of the Catholic church, he has quite the impressive house and the Vatican is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is almost overwhelming opulent but a sight to behold nonetheless, whether you are religiously inclined or not. Rome is the type of city where you imagine everyone reads on a regular basis, but it is one that is well worth the visit.


Quite simply this is my favourite city of all time. The whole place is beautiful and the fact that it was once home to great minds and artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci is evident on every street. The gelato here is to die for but it is not the main attraction. There is a piazza located above the city which gives the best vantage point to absorb the duomo and other clay topped homes that the city plays host to and this is well worth the climb. I went up at 4am to beat the crowds and I’ve never been so happy to be tired in my life. It is the best place I have ever been to so you’re going to have to visit yourself to truly see what I was talking about.


Well when I said that each city was more beautiful than the last I lied. Not just because Florence was the prettiest city in the world, but because Bologna was awful. All of the streets were being dug up and apart from walking up one of the two Asinelli Towers there really wasn’t anything to do. I spent a good two hours climbing up the world’s longest portico, so that should give you some indication of exactly how fun Bologna was!


The last stop on my tour of Italy really made up for the penultimate one. Everything Bologna lacked, Venice more than made up for and the same can be said for number of tourists. There were throngs of people absolutely everywhere here and my distinct lack of height was called into question yet again. Putting the people aside, Venice was as beautiful as it looked on all of the postcards. The canals are picture perfect, the bridges are a treat to explore and mean that you can never really get lost, and the locals are really quite nice once you talk to them.

All things considered, Italy is an amazing country and if you head off on one holiday this year then make it one to the country that’s shaped like a boot!

Like I said. I’m glad I was born male. Well done girls. I couldn’t do it.

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