Mistakes That are Keeping Followers Away from Your Instagram Acccount

Have you ever woken up one day only to discover that you have lost a few more followers? And then you realize that over the next few days you end up losing more and more followers. This is one of the issues that dampen your Instagram famous goals.

What you don’t know is that there are some things that you are doing which are leading to these rapid losses in followers. Income Artist talks about how to get Instagram followers quickly in a short while, but if you make the following mistakes, you are doomed to fail.

Making the Account Private

When you have a private tag, you are telling anyone that you aren’t accessible at all. If you are on a personal account, it is ok to do this, but if you are on a business account, then the users will stay away the moment they see the private icon. This means that the users won’t be able to see any content from your profile, even though you share it. So, they have no idea whatsoever what the business is sharing at all and won’t have a reason to follow you.

To make sure the profile isn’t private, go to the profile and edit the profile under the profile photo. Make sure the photos aren’t set to private.

Posting the Same Boring Content Over and Over

Posting content the first time is always a joy because it is interesting. However, the more you share the same content, the more monotonous and boring it becomes.

Users realize that you don’t have anything new to offer and unfollow you faster than you can imagine. Users get bored, and when they do, they look for something new to engage with. This might be your competitor.

To avoid this mistake, take time to come up with new content every time. You also need to change the medium so that you post content in various forms ranging from video to images.

Another way to be boring is to post too many images in a short time frame. When you do this, the audience takes it that you are spamming them, and exploiting the system to get a large number of likes or followers. Users, as well as the Instagram algorithm,  don’t like this.

Ignoring Comments

You need to take time and respond to comments on Instagram if you wish to build a stronger relationship with your audience. Remember that the whole reason for sharing content on the platform is to engage your followers and keep them informed.

Ignoring their comments and suggestions is akin to telling the audience that what they are posting isn’t important to you at all. You also tell them that you don’t appreciate what they say at all, and you are better off without their connection. This leads to massive unfollowing.

Having a Bio that Doesn’t Add Any Value to You

The bio is like your storefront – the way you design it tells someone that you have something to offer, or not.

If you have a bio that doesn’t tell the buyer what to expect, you might end up losing the followers that were ready to click the follow button.

The bio needs to have a link to your products or landing page. Without the link, you are missing on a great way to attract visitors to your blog, site or landing page.

In Short

You need to make sure you build a following and retain it. Failure to do this means you are on the way to losing follower after follower, something that will take a lot of input to resolve.

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