Quick Photoshop Tips for Beginners

Did you know that Photoshop is more than two decades old? And, the impact is massive. But, it isn’t the simplest of software to use more so if you are a beginner. These tips will help you learn the basics.

Rotate the View, Not the Image

Of course, you will want to use a variety of angles to retouch your images to make them more appealing. Even then, you don’t need to rotate the entire picture. All you must to do is to press R to access the Rotate View Tool. Or, you can click and hold on the Hand Tool icon. That you, you can spin your image around the screen without twisting the actual picture.

Edit Multiple Text Layers at the Same Time

There is no need to edit a single text later every time if the changes cut across the board. For instance, you can simply press down Cmd or Ctrl when you want to select layers from the Layers window. You will then proceed to make your changes using the toolbar.

Size and Move Selection

Photoshop comes with a host of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to make the most out of its functions. For instance, when you drag out the selection window, you can press down the Space bar to enable you to move the selection without the need to release the mouse button.

View one Layer on Its Own

One of the most important things to know about Photoshop is how to use the shortcuts to complete tasks quickly. If you want to move one layer, for example, you don’t have to uncheck every other eye icon. Instead, you can press down the Alt eye followed by a click on the eye icon on the specific layer that you don’t want to see. Of course, you can click on it once more to reverse the effect.

Drag Selection between Tabs

There’s an easy way to drag a particular region of a picture into another image, with your files still open in tabs.  You can do this by pulling your selection as Normal via the Move Tool to the tab of the other picture. You will then wait for a couple of seconds for it to appear.

Maximize the use of Paste

The paste function is one of the handiest in Photoshop.  While pasting in a new layer goes into the center of your current image, you can get around by holding the Shift key together with Ctrl + V. That way, you can retain the original position of your pictures while working between two images.

The Bottom Line

Photoshop is exciting software to use, especially if you’re a graphic designer or web developer. Speaking of which, Pixel Bin is an excellent resource if you’re looking for free Premium PSD downloads and coded web GUI resources.

So, go out there, make the most out of Photoshop whether you want to create attractive images or spruce up your pictures. You can even consider enrolling for a paid course if that’s what it takes to hone your skills.

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