Reasons Why You Aren’t Selling More on Instagram

Instagram is a huge powerhouse when it comes to selling items socially. Studies have shown that the description of the item is vital in more than 90 percent of the cases whenever people go to make a purchase online. With over 800 million users frequenting the platform every month, the opportunity to sell via your Instagram page is high, but why aren’t you getting more visitors, likes, followers, comments, and sales? Today we look at the mistakes you are making, and how to rectify them.

The Account is Set to Personal

It is similar to selling in a physical market – those stores with established names are more likely to sell more compared to individuals.

On Instagram, users see your profile to be more authentic especially when it is set to business. A business profile attracts more buyers due to the level of trust it gets.

Additionally, the business profile gives you various tools to play around with, including analytics and the use of shoppable lists. You also get to incorporate a contact button on the Instagram profile so that users can reach you directly. You can also create ads. All of these are crucial to the business.

Your Content is Lousy

Content attracts even the toughest fans on Instagram. People want to engage with great content, while others will want to relate with the person who delivers great content.

Without great content, you are looking at an audience that doesn’t engage with your content at all. On the contrary, with great content comes the ability of the users to follow your profile, talk to you and like the content you deliver.

Make sure you diversify your content in such a way that you can get the attention of users across the world. Remember some users will react better to video as compared to images. So, you need to try and get the best of all worlds by posting different kinds of content. And while at it, don’t forget Instagram Stories!

Wrong Product Setup

As a business, you can set up your products in shoppable posts so that your followers can buy directly from you at the touch of a button. This is a feature that you only get from sites such as Shopify, but now you can allow your followers to do the same without going to your site. So, make sure you have the shop set up correctly so that you can tag the products to enable the users to access them and transact.

You Don’t Have an Active Following

If you have an active following, your products will be bought, and you will make money. If you have a following that doesn’t engage, then you won’t be able to sell at all. So, you need a following that is ready to share what you are offering.

To get the perfect following, you need to be consistent in posting content and make sure you engage your followers each day. You can do this by using the right Instagram bot as recommended by Spire.

The bot gives you various automated capabilities, far than what you can perform manually. Take time to check out the various features so that you know which bot is the best for you.

You Don’t Use Influencers

Influencers are those users who have a huge following and are willing to perform marketing on your behalf. They share your content, send out DMs to make your product visible. If you have an influencer on board and still you aren’t getting the sales you want, you need to find the right one for the niche.

In Closing

The better you plan your marketing on Instagram, the more sales you achieve and the more revenue you make.

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