The Most Common Myths In Baby Growth

Many of yesterday’s tips and tricks in baby growth have recently become nothing but pure myths. Modern parents are more educated than ever, so they no longer rely on those classic misconceptions. You have probably heard plenty of ideas, whether it comes to bathing your baby everyday, playing the right music or sleeping in the right position. Some parents never question them. They take them for granted, although they date for hundreds of years, when the world simply did not have access to so many studies and information. So, which of these myths are actually correct? Which of them are misconceptions?

Bathing Your Baby on a Daily Basis

Sleeping in Silent and Dark RoomsThe effect of sweat over a baby’s skin is far from the effect over an adult’s skin. It is perfectly normal. Therefore, bathing requirements are different in babies. No matter how hot the weather is, bathing on a daily basis is contraindicated, even if you actually take more than one shower a day. In fact, it is more than enough to come up with two or three baths on a weekly basis. Of course, if you have already turned this habit into a routine, you can move on with it. Just make sure that you hydrate your baby by the book.

Sleeping in Silent and Dark Rooms

Sleeping in Silent and Dark Rooms 1Once again, this is an old fashioned misconception. People assume darkness and silence with sleep, so they inevitably make the same assumptions for babies. However, you might be surprised to find out that many babies actually sleep better if they have some light around, not to mention the audio background. Moreover, it is not such a bad idea to get your baby used to sleeping with a little agitation around them. This way, you will no longer have to worry if you welcome some guests or go outdoors.

Massaging Your Baby with Alcohol

Decades ago (and also today in many parts of the world), plenty of parents used to bath their babies with alcohol if they had fever. They damped some clean clothes in alcohol and used them to massage their babies. It worked sometimes, but it was nothing but a pure coincidence. The truth is that alcohol will never clear the fever. In fact, it is actually extremely harmful. The skin is like a sponge. It absorbs all kinds of substances on it. When the baby’s skin absorbs too much alcohol, the adverse reactions can be quite severe. Therefore, do not even think about adopting this old fashioned misconception.

Suffering from Genu Varum

Suffering from Genu VarumYou may not be familiar with genu varum. This is an orthopedic affection that tackles young babies. It has an obvious symptom – legs are O shaped. It is said that if you let the baby stand or jump on your lap, it will suffer from genu varum. Once again, you can forget about this idea. In fact, you should actually encourage them to do it. Why? Easy. They will inevitably struggle to find the balance. They will stimulate their muscles, but they will also find some support in you. This idea is both helpful and entertaining.

Boosting the IQ

If you play classical music during the pregnancy or during the baby’s first few months, their IQ will skyrocket. If this old myth was correct, everyone would be a genius. Music can seriously improve your baby’s life and comfort. However, there are no studies to confirm the fact that the brain develops better under the influence of classical music.

Letting Your Baby Cry

Letting Your Baby Cry

Letting your baby cry for a few minutes is not a bad idea because they learn to find comfort on themselves. However, when they are younger than four months, they do not have too many options to help themselves, but just to suck their fingers. Showing up and helping them will indirectly tell them that you are there whenever they need help.


In conclusion, it is wise to learn to contest everything. There are so many independent studies today, so it might be a good idea to overcome old fashioned misconceptions. Many of them are worthless, while others will only harm the baby. Base your choices on science and never trust your grandmother or mother’s ideas, even if they turned out pretty well for you.

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