Three Quick & Simple Oven Recipes

A cooking oven is by far the most significant unit in a kitchen. You do not really need to be a chef or a professional in order to use it. You do not necessarily have to handle any sophisticated recipes either. With all these, you often feel like pushing for something new every once in a while, whether it comes to a holiday, a romantic dinner or perhaps out of nowhere. Choosing the best unit implies doing your homework and reading a few oven recipes, but you have to pay attention to your cooking necessities too. Keep in mind that while they that while they seem complicated, a lot of recipes are actually very simple and can be done within less than an hour only. 

Cheese and sour cream pie recipe

Cheese and sour cream pie recipeThis cheese and sour cream pie originates from Slovenia. It is a traditional recipe in the small European country. Prepare the dough according to any classic recipe and get 12oz of cheese, 5oz of sour cream, 2 eggs, 2.5oz of sugar, the grated skin from half a lemon and a pinch of minced nutmeg for the cheese filling. As for the sour cream filling, you need 7oz of sour cream, 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 egg.

For the cheese filing, you have to crush the cheese, add the other ingredients and stir. For the second filling, you just have to mix all the ingredients. Put the dough in the pan and make sure that it is around 8 inches larger in diameter. Add the first filling evenly. Leave for 5 minutes and slowly add the second filling on top of the first one. Cover slowly with the wide dough. Cook for about 40 minutes and check it regularly.

Baked salmon recipe

You might want to check out some oven reviews before cooking a baked salmon, only to ensure that it can raise to the required temperature standards. This recipe is easy, yet a little demanding. You need 1 salmon fillet, a little virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and chili.

Pull the salmon out of the refrigerator half an hour before cooking it. Take all the bones out, if any. Cut the thin margins in order to obtain an even weight. Cut the fillet in width, according to how thick you want the parts to be. Sprinkle a little oil, then add salt, pepper and chili. Sprinkle oil on the pan too, then add a cooking foil on the bottom to prevent sticking. Put the pan in the cooking oven and leave for around half an hour. You need to adapt the time according to the fillet thickness.

Mushroom pizza recipe

Mushroom pizza recipeThis mushroom pizza can be handled in pretty much any cooking oven. A few oven reviews can still help you in choosing the right features. This recipe is simple and quick. You need 15oz of cheese or mozzarella, 7oz of mushrooms and about 10 tablespoons of tomato sauce. Oregano is very important too.

Once you have the dough, you need to grate the cheese. Clear the mushroom legs too and slice them. They should be very thin. Since this recipe is for three pizzas, split the dough in three even parts. Spread it on cooking foils, add a little oil on it, as well as 3 or 4 tablespoons of tomato sauce. Sprinkle 5oz of cheese evenly, as well as some oregano. Cover with a third of all your mushrooms and cook for around 10 minutes.

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