Tricks of the Trade for Straightening your Hair

Here we have lots of exciting tips on how to use your hair straighteners, not just for straightening but waving as well.

It doesn’t take a lot of know how either, learn about the best size irons for your hair type as well.

Which size

If you have a pixie cut and bangs then you should use a ½ “ mini flat iron.

If you short fine hair use a 1” flat iron.

If you have shoulder length medium thick hair use a 1 ¼ “ flat iron.

For thick/course, curly hair shoulder length then use a 1 ½” flat iron.

For thick, very long hair go for a 2” flat iron.

Which type of irons


  • With ceramic plates you will getter a better more even heat distribution and less risk of burning your hair.
  • Look for full ceramic plates as opposed to ceramic coated as the coating can chip.


  • Titanium heat up more quickly and transfer heat quickly so you need to work quickly.
  • Leaving them on the hair too long can cause damage to the hair.
  • They are fine if you can work quickly, may be not for beginners.


  • Tourmaline is a semi-precious crystal that’s crushed to make the irons ionic.
  • They do make the hair shinier and straighter, with less chance of ending up frizzy.


  • Heat protector spray is essential, your hair should be nearly dry as well.

Prepare, wash your hair!

There is a right way to wash your hair and pre dry your hair as well so here goes;

  • Lather shampoo in your hands first (to prevent hair damage)
  • Rinse and condition roots to ends (you are going to iron your hair after all)
  • Rinse with cold water after shampoo and again after conditioning
  • Comb you hair upside down
  • Finger dry your hair on high heat
  • Finish with pulling the roots straight up and blow dryer on cold
  • Time for heat protection spray, be liberal

Time for ironing

  • Pull your hair back in a loose pony tail held with a section clip
  • Start at the back 2 “ from the root
  • Work your way up towards the crown in the same way
  • Then you can start working forward from the crown in the same way and still 2” from the roots except now you are lifting your hear up towards the ceiling (for volume)
  • Use a paddle brush to finish off, find your natural parting and tease your hair with your fingers and a little spray on the roots


The absolute maximum temperature should be 365 degrees, if you hair is fine then 300 degrees is hot enough.

For volume

When you get to the crown, flat iron your hair upwards, not easy to do with short arms, get a friend to help you!

Curl instead

You will need to wrap your hair around the irons for curls

Or wave

By clamping the irons and twisting under, move down and twist in the opposite direction to create a wavy effect.

Start at the top, work your way down quickly.


Use a straightening comb with your irons at the same time to create perfectly smooth hair.

Even more volume

You can get big hair by using a thermal brush at the roots, following with the flat iron.

Quick crimping

Plait or braid your hair first. Then run over it with the flat iron quickly. Undo the braids and it will be crimped.

Keep them clean

Use a cloth and some alcohol to clean the plates.

Travel bag

Keep it all tidy in a travel bag.


Ear covers

Protect your ears from burning with ear covers.

More protection

Get a little table edge holster or stand to protect your dressing table.

In a hurry

Running late for work; use your hair iron to iron your collars and cuffs.


You may not get tight curls with a straightening iron but you can certainly go wavy, or get crimped.

You may be able to save time by going straight for the irons instead of blow drying first. Use a wide tooth comb to comb out your hair first and a fine tooth comb for straightening not forgetting the heat protector spray and lots of leave in conditioner if you have thick hair!

A nice starting point for the tools you need is the Hair Straightener studio.

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