Twitter Bulk Posting Basics

Today we talk about bulk posting to Twitter. This involves sending many tweets to different accounts at once, not just one tweet but many over a short period. Using bots helps prevent the number of bounced messages.

We look at the use of an automation app to tweet to these accounts and how to share your content on multiple Twitter accounts at the same time.

How to Send Bulk Posts

The Twitter bot comes with a compose box that allows you to compose and send the tweet to different accounts. You don’t have to send the same content to different accounts – make use of a smart post feature to customize the copy for each account.

Remember that sending a similar message across different accounts makes this duplication. Your followers on both accounts will realize that you are duplicating the content from one account across multiple accounts, which won’t go down well with your followers.

Leverage Service Lists

A service list is used to group several Twitter profiles into one. It is a good way to come up with specific content for specific Twitter accounts. This is a good way to give your followers content that is unique and targeted.


Another way to make use of bulk tweeting is to use bots to identify the right tweet and then share it with your audience. Sharing tweets is a great way to reuse other peoples content without having to come up with your own. You can decide which accounts you use to retweet the content from other users.

Using bots helps you to identify which type of content is right for retweeting. You can search for phrases and keywords to determine the kind of content to send out.

Make sure the content that you choose to retweet is relevant to your niche and your goals. Add some information to the tweet to change it, because when you choose to send it as it is, your account can be seen as content duplication.

The content you share needs to be relevant to your followers, and it should add value to your marketing efforts. Retweeting helps you to create more engagement for your account.

RSS Auto Post

Using bots allows you to automatically share tweets from your site or blog to several Twitter accounts. However, you need to make sure you don’t do this too frequently; otherwise, you are set to trigger the Twitter algorithm for suspicious activity.

The best way to do this is to share a few articles or posts with your followers on the different twitter accounts every week so that you maximize engagement levels.

Additionally, you don’t have to use the posts at once – you can save them to draft and choose the ones that are relevant to your marketing goals then posting them.

Make Use of Filters

Using filters gives you a powerful way to automate most common tasks such as assigning, tagging, moving and setting the status of your incoming messages.

The use of specific filters helps you target specific conversations based on a set of criteria such as language, keywords and more. You can filter the conversation based on hashtags or keywords, mentions and more. Make sure you understand the kind of filters that you need to use to make sure you get the exposure you need. The right Twitter bot gives you all the filters you need to make sure you enjoy the benefits of automation. Check out top bot reviews by Fred Harrington to know which one to choose.

In Closing

When it comes to bulk posting on Twitter, you need to use the best automation tool there is. An automation tool that allows you to post in bulk on Twitter is easy to use, and it also allows you to send tweets to different Twitter accounts.

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