What is Lego Technic?

Everyone’s heard of Lego. I am sure you probably had it as a childhood toy or played with it at a friend’s house. Now your children play with it too. It is a toy that spans generations. As you will remember, Lego consisted of bricks and a vast variety of structures could be built using the original brick pieces. Then there was a demand for more technical Lego sets, so along came Lego Technic.

Lego Technic

Lego Technic was really designed for older children as it is more challenging than normal Lego. There are different bricks available in these kits. It allows for the creation of very elaborate models and is almost a new toy itself. As well as the Lego pieces, there are also gear wheels, axles, beams and different connectors allowing the creation of totally different models.

Unbelievably, Lego Technic has been around for 40 years. In that time, the style has changed somewhat. Originally, the pieces still had the studded style of original Lego. This was then changed to mainly studless construction. This increased the number of designs that could be created. It also changed the style of building the models. When using the original studded pieces, you follow the normal building method of starting at the bottom and build upwards. With the studless pieces, you are really building from the middle outwards. This means that not all children have the ability to build like this and mentally plan ahead. It is for the more technically minded children.

Building Models

Lego Technic is best used for creating realistic working models. You can add a motor to some of the models so they are smaller versions of actual pieces of equipment. There are thousands of different pieces in all shapes and sizes available. The best idea, certainly when starting out, is to purchase a kit. These can be quite expensive so if you are used to buying original Lego kits, the price difference may come as a shock.

It is recommended that you do some research on some of the best kits prior to buying. If you go to https://legoways.com/topics/lego-technic/ you can find recommendations and some helpful tips for getting started with Lego Technic. Remember that the parts and the mechanics are very realistic, so it is a chance for kids to build something fairly close to the real thing. If they have an interest in some type of vehicle, see if you can find a similar model. It is important that you realise that although Lego Technic kits are fun, they can be technically challenging, so don’t be disappointed if your child initially struggles to adapt to this type of building.

There are many types of vehicle available so it should be easy to buy something you think your child will be interested in. Whether a plane, helicopter, truck, crane, or even a yacht.

Some types of vehicle model, can move with a wind and release motor function. This is not fully motorised and does not include batteries. It is an effective way for your child to learn about moving vehicles without the complexities of the motorised model. Once they are ready for this, they can move on to motorised models by using those that have power functions.

Power Functions

It is possible to power up some of the Lego Technic models. The power function consists of electronic components like a motor, lights and even remote-control units. And yes, these really do make the Lego set move. The motor makes the model move, the remote control allows you to move it from some distance away. When you are buying a kit, it will tell you if it includes power functions, or can be upgraded to connect with a separately purchased power functions motor set.

If your child is mechanically minded, or if you think they are not stimulated enough by Lego then give Lego Technic a try. Although it is vehicle-centric, if you worry that your child isn’t really interested in vehicles, there are some other options available. You can also make creative machines and other contraptions. Once you have bought kits, you can use them with original Lego so it gives your child a wonderful opportunity to be creative. If your child loves Lego, then try Lego Technic.

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